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Monday, 12 March 2012

Lack of Posts!

Once again I have been too busy to post, but I promise to keep the blog running. I'll get everyone caught up on all of the new stores/store updates since I've been gone. There have been a lot of new stores and store updates recently. All from old stores getting revamped and new stock to brand new stores filled with great clothing and furniture. Several stores got revamped and new stock such as... D-Signed, Pretty n Love Exclusively at JCPenny, Evening Falls (Now Velvet Orchid), Decades, Tingeling, Voile, Stardoll (Now It Girls), Starplaza Archive, Epiphany and Basics. I love that Stardoll is updating most of the stores that have been lacking recently. We also lost a store while I was away, Folk. It will be missed but we can't live in the past forever. It was lacking pretty badly. Finally, We have several new furniture stores... Wild West & Sweet Suites plus two old suite shops that have now been turned into Starplaza stores... Roots and Fashion Furniture. What does everyone think of all the new updates to the Starplaza? Do you like them? or not? Why?

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XXX Mattspack :)


  1. yay i am so glad that you guys are stil with the blog. i was wondering where everyone went!

  2. also,there is a gift-o-meter that just came out :)