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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Attention Readers ;)

ATTENTION: Yeah! Finally The Stardoll Insiders are back.. Brand New and Amazing... New Blog, Breaking News.. You'll find everything at out new Blogspot.. 

There's also a launching party.. Read everything in our official invitation ;)

Still questions?? Comment it!
Or contact us on stardoll:

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Return to Tsi

Hi to all readers!
You may remember me, I was the girl who wrote about the Hotbuys and made makeovers..
Nowadays it's summer, so I will have plenty of time to return to Tsi and continue my work there..
I'm so sorry about my "big break" from Tsi but now I can write again ;)
I'm afraid, I saw that the blog isn't going well at the moment.. Is Zoey really giving up?? :(
Anyways, I think even under these circumstances, we -all the writers- can cooperate well with each other to keep this blog active..

What do you think? Who would be the best owner for Tsi now..?


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Stardoll Updates 5-22-12

Hey everyone, Stardoll has added a new store and several new floors to older stores. First they added a new store based off the movie "Snow White & the Huntsman". They also added 3 new floors to Riviera. They are very high quality. Almost as good as LE clothing IMO. Then they added 4 new floors to Wild Candy. The winners from the Wild Candy stardesign contest are now featured in the store. I like a lot of the designs. Congratz to all the winners. Were you one of the winners? Do you like the new updates?

(Click to Enlarge)

XXX Mattspack :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Stardoll Updates 5-15-12

Hey everyone today Stardoll has added some new floors to the Miss Sixty store. Miss Sixty is one of my favorite stores on Stardoll. I'm so glad they keep updating it. They've also are having a sale in Riviera. Everything is 25% off. What do you guys think of the updates?

XXX Mattspack :)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Stardoll have lost the plot.

Hi guys, long time no see, and again, I am very sorry for not posting in a long time but today, I want to talk about Stardoll.
I'm not sure the period of time that I have been inactive for but what is Stardoll now? You can buy hair?
In my opinion, Stardoll have become brainwashed with the idea of getting us to spend all our stardollars so that we'll want to buy more.
These so called features are making Stardoll less fun.
But on the other hand, I am glad that they finally introduced the 'no hair' option after many requests and I agree with 'Beauty is only skin deep'.
I remember the good old times on Stardoll when it was quite obvious that they were less hungry for our spare change.I think that Stardoll need to stop in their tracks and make this the so called site that was for young children to have fun on, not for them to be rinsing out our pockets.
Stardoll isn't the same anymore and I believe that this is why many people are leaving. The old Stardoll was better.

What do you think?

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Beauty is Only Skin Deep!

Hi everyone, I'm here today to post about a growing topic throughout the world. Cancer. Cancer is known as a disease that involves unregulated cell growth. With cancer cells grow and divide without control causing tumors,  These tumors can grow and spread throughout the body. Cancer can be caused by tobacco use, lack of physical activity, poor diet and obesity. About 5 to 10% of cancers are hereditary. Cancer can affect all ages but it mostly affects you the higher in age you get. Cancer has caused the death of 7.9 million people around the world. Let's show our support and go bald for cancer for a whole week on Stardoll. Starting today (May 9th - May 16th). If you want to show your support then make your Medoll on Stardoll bald for the whole week. Let's use the power of the internet to show the world that Beauty is only skin deep and no matter what we are all beautiful on the inside, and that's what really matters. Once you have made your Medoll bald message me on Stardoll or comment below and I will save your Medoll to my album. All medoll's who participate will be featured in my presentation for the whole week (May 9th - 16th) and three lucky winners will become Covergirl, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner up for covergirl in my album for the week. Thank you all.

(Click to Enlarge)

XXX Mattspack :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Updates 5-2-12

Stardoll has added some new floors to "Doree" and "Dot" and they will be adding some new polishes to "Polished" sometime this week. :) What do you guys think? I really like the bold, crazy, colorful stuff they have been releasing. 
(Click to Enlarge)

 XXX Mattspack :)

Updates 5-2-12

Stardoll has added a new store to the Starplaza called "Original Future". They have also added some new floors to Starplaza Archive. What do you guys think of the updates?

(Click to Enlarge)

XXX Mattspack :)

Friday, 27 April 2012

Updates 4-27-12

I am here today with several new updates on Stardoll. First off there is a sale in Epiphany Jewelry. Secondly There are a few new floors in Windows of the World and thirdly with all the craze over the wigs in Stardesign, Stardoll has released a wig store. I really love the store. What do you guys think of the updates?

(Click to Enlarge)

XXX Mattspack :)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

New Floor Alerts 4-26-12

Stardoll has added some new floors to one of my favorite stores on Stardoll. PPQ of Mayfair has added 2 brand new floor of clothes, We also get 2 brand new stores. One is a furniture store that was formerly in Suite Shop called Minimalism Refresh and the other is a jewelry store called Mawi London. What do you guys think of the new updates?

(Click to Enlarge)

XXX Mattspack :)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Stardoll Updates 4-18-12

Today i'm here with the latest stardoll updates for you guys. Some of which are new floors to several stores such as Voile, Decades and Spectacular. I'm also here with some spoilers! Killah will be releasing some new items tomorrow and PopShop will also be releasing new items on Friday.
Stardesign has added a new dress blueprint for 8 stardollars, and there is a new contest for Pretty in Love Stardesign, all three T-Shirts are only 1 starcoin and you can be entered to win a trip to NYC. Do you guys like all the new updates?

(Click to Enlarge)

XXX Mattspack

Sunday, 15 April 2012

New blog owner!

I've noticed over the last couple years we have lost alot of viewers. I know some of it is because we moved blogs, If you have been following the blog from the beginning or if you have just started viewing the blog, this is the post for you. Comment below if you view the blog more than once a week.

I know we have lost alot of writers too, and I want to ask you guys, now that Zoey is leaving the blog, Do you think I would make a good owner? If so comment below and tell me why. I know Zoey might now even be giving up the blog, but I want to know what you guys would think about that if I could take over the blog.

Comment below with your ideas, suggestions and anything else you want to say. Thanks

XXX Mattspack :)

Sunday, 1 April 2012

TSI - Turn into a twitter blog? Yay/Nay?

Hey guys, I'm very sorry that I cannot post anymore. I'm not going to waste your time, feeding you with all sorts of excuses but..

I don't really go on Stardoll as many of you already know and I was thinking, why not turn TSI into a twitter blog? I go on twitter a lot and I would easily be able to post loads of things on there as I can access twitter on-the-go with my Blackberry. 

This would be much easier, I would easily be able to hold contests of all sorts and other things. 
What do you think?
Leave your comments below!

-Zoey xo

Friday, 30 March 2012

Spoiler Alert!

I have some new spoilers for you guys. They look like they will be featured in a new floor(s) in Film Theory. I assume it is all from the "Wizard of Oz" What do you guys think?

(Click to Enlarge)
 XXX Mattspack :)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Lots of updates!

Hey guys I have lots of updates for you guys.
Exclusive items through Facebook

 New Eco Design For a Better World Furniture Store

New Mr. Store

 New Sunny Bunny floors

New Dot Floors

 New Makeup removal options

Sunny Bunny Kloz closing sale

New Easter Pass

 New Wishlist feature

 New Miss Sixty floors
(Click to Enlarge)

XXX Mattspack

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Starbazaar Glitch!

UPDATE: Some people aren't able to sell any of the current or past LE collections at all. Does anyone have this problem? I noticed that all my former LE items were removed from the Starbazaar too. 

I was searching LE in the Starbazaar when I noticed people are already selling clothes from the LE that is out now. I bought several items from the store but I can not sell them. If you want the most recent LE for less than the prices in Starplaza then you might check Starbazaar. Its really odd. Who is able to sell the recent LE?

XXX Mattspack :)

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sunny Bunny Spoilers!

It looks like Stardoll will be adding new Sunny Bunny items soon. I found all these spoilers for you guys. What do you guys think of them?

(Click to Enlarge)

XXX Mattspack :)



(Click to Enlarge)

XXX Mattspack :)

Friday, 16 March 2012

New Stores/Floor Alerts!!!

Stardoll has really been pumping out lots of new stores and clothes! Im glad they are finally releasing things more often, It seemed like they were in a slump for a while because they didnt release new clothes for a while. What do you guys think of all the new updates/clothes?

(Click to Enlarge)

 XXX Mattspack :)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

New Stardesign Fashions!

Stardoll has added 6 new Wild Candy blueprints to Stardesign Fashion. 3 dresses, 2 skirts and 1 pair of shorts. I love these blueprints. I cant't wait to see what people create using these blueprints. Do you guys like the new blueprints? Which ones are your favorite?

(Click to Enlarge) 

XXX Mattspack :)

New Store Alert!!! Eco Design for a Better World

Stardoll has finally added the Eco Design for a Better World contest winning designs today. Personally, I do not care for many of the fashions, but I guess they are ok. They aren't as good as the past design contest winners. What do you guys think of the store? Did your design get picked to be featured in the store?

(Click to Enlarge)

XXX Mattspack :)