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Friday, 30 September 2011

MSW Grand Finale

The grand finale has arrived and that means the contestants has been narrowed down again. Good luck to everyone who got through. It is going to get really tense.  I hope the best doll wins and I know I have my eye on a few really deserving people already.

I can't say I was shocked about who got through, but they all have excellent dolls.

Good luck again.

Who did you vote for?  Did anyone  you know get through?

Thursday, 29 September 2011

New store, Museum Mile

This new store has been what stardoll users were waiting for. It has beautiful and famous art pieces available, at limited amounts. The graphics are, in my opinion, spectacular and they would make great additions to any suite. The prices are fairly typical of Limited items, but I think most are under 100 sds. You can also get non limited items of furniture for decoration and some really nice dresses, so far they aren't available in the store, but you can find them by searching for dresses.

Do you like the store? What will you be buying?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Free Tulle dress and necklace

The dress and necklace are being given away from Russia and if you are from Russia you can click here to get them.

If you are not from Russia , you can follow these simple steps to get them.

-Go to a proxy for the Russia like one of these, or or
(Russian proxies can be quite slow)

-Type into the proxy server url box,

-Press go/enter/surf it really will depend on what server you use for this ,

-Once it has loaded you can log into stardoll( russian proxies can take a while to load sometimes) ,

-Then type or paste this into the proxy bar
-Then you can log off stardoll and go on as normal,

-It should be waiting in your suite in a gift bag.

Were you able to get it? Did you like it?

Warning: Proxy servers must be used with caution they can bring pop up adverts ( try to close them immediately) and it must be your own choice to use them .

New Style it in suite

This interesting new feature allows you to wear a different outfit in every room of your suite. To find it look to the  left of your suite and click on the arrow. I think it is a good idea, although I may never get to use it. I am not creative enough to make an outfit for all those rooms.

(click to enlarge)

What do you think of it? Have you used it?

New DIY items

In suite shop the store DIY has got quite a few new items. There are words, coloured squares and many pages of jewels now available, in all sorts of colours. This is helpful for anyone who creates interior outfits.

Do you like the new items? Have any plans to make a new look? I would love to check them out.

New MSW floor

The new floor for the Miss Stardoll World store is very nice. The prices are not bad and there are lovely items for starcoins. I am debating buying some myself.

Do you like any? Will you be buying?

Monday, 26 September 2011

PPQ sd Superstar Sale

Sadly this sale is only available for superstar members and then there is also the sale in starplaza. I am really glad, I have been holding out on buying as I thought they were too much.

Will you be taking advantage if this offer? Can you take advantage of it?

Hotbuys Emerald tote bag

Sorry I was away all weekend, it was my friends birthday and we had possibly the best sleepover I have ever been too. I will never be able to look at the periodic table the same again now.

The hotbuys bag is available in starplaza for 14sds which could be worse, but I think is slightly to much for a bag. What a shame it is gorgeous. The style, shape, colour and sparkle details are beautiful. It is from Rio, like the majority of hotbuys.

The real version is by CĂ©line and comes in a vast array of colours. It has a similar shape, but I really love stardolls colours.

Do you like the bag? Real or sd version? 

Hungry for our money?

Hey guys, I was just thinking and I remembered what Stardoll has done to me a couple of times.
Well when I buy my Superstar I use Paypal and I only buy 1 month at a time. So one day as usual I bought it and after 31 days I was still superstar and I had received 200 stardollars. I found this strange but decided against investigating.

Little did I know that Stardoll had automatically turned on Monthly refill without my acknowledgement which meant that they had taken money out of my Paypal account and not even told me. I was very angry about this but being me I decided not to send them  a letter or phone them up.

The month after this my superstar had ended and so again I decided to purchase superstar. When I did I purposefully went to check if Monthly refill was on, maybe Stardoll had made a mistake? No, it was my mistake thinking that they had made a mistake. Monthly refill was turned on so I had to cancel it.

Is this a little scheme Stardoll has put together to fool us and take our money without us even knowing? Especially as I had purchased 1 MONTH and not several so it should not have happened.

I am quite dissapointed.
Shame on you Stardoll.

What do you think?


Friday, 23 September 2011

Eco friendly fashion design

Stardoll have finally given us another shot at designing, after a disastrous attempt a few years ago. I am extremely excited about the theme, as I am a big worry guts when it comes to global warming, animal products etc. I know that one person can't fix all that, but they do set an example that hopefully others will follow. With stardoll doing this millions of people will get to learn more about eco fashions.

Here is what the brief is..

 examples of eco fashion

I know it is vague, but that is only so it doesn't limit the creativity, be original, think how you could reuse things, maybe taking vintage clothes and making them more modern, using fair trade products, using more environmentally friendly products or just making a dress from something lying around the house ( knives is not a good idea).

Good luck budding designers, if you have anymore questions I will tell you what I know in comments.

Hotbuys Anklet Platforms

The hotbuys platforms are out now for only 15 stardollars and in Fudge. The price is okay, but maybe more than some people would want to pay for shoes. I love the style and the detail from the beading.

The real versions is by Burberry Prosum and is just as beautiful. I have it here in two colours, but the blue version has a wedged heel ( I have a weakness for wedges).

Do you like them? What do you think of the real versions?

Thursday, 22 September 2011

So so sorry =(

Hello Stardollians!

 Oh, I have missed you, I just thought I’d explain my absence,
 to those who don’t know where I have been.

 Three weeks ago, I started to feel unwell, but as I had a cold, and a lot on, I ignored the symptoms for a week and didn’t tell my parents, so while visiting my uncle in hospital (fortunately I was there), I suddenly got a terrible pain in my side, and completely passed out from the pain, 4 days later I woke, attached to many machines, and missing an appendix!

It’s amazing appendix’s have no use other than to randomly get infected, burst and try to
 kill you!

But I will be back soon, with lots of freebies!

Really sorry for my absence I’ll be back as soon as I can get out of hospital!

Much Luvage

- CorkyH -

Stardollars offer

Another wonderful stardollars offer is on the way. Get 30% free and stardollars when you top up. I think it sounds like a good offer and you can always save the starcoins for an exchange day.  The offer lasts from the 22nd -25th of September which would be Sunday.

Will you use the offer? Would you like too?

Free Orange hair dye

 If you are from or in the UK/USA you can click here to get the dye.

If not you can follow these steps to get it.

-Go to a UK proxy like one of these, 

-Type into the proxy server url box,

-Press go/enter/surf it really will depend on what server you use for this ,

-Once it has loaded you can log into stardoll ,

-Then type or paste this into the proxy bar
-Then you can log off stardoll and go on as normal,

-It should be waiting in your main suite room .

Were you able to get it? Did you like it?

Warning: Proxy servers must be used with caution they can bring pop up adverts ( try to close them immediately) and it must be your own choice to use them , this proxy brings up a warning, it is just saying what I normally say, that they can be risky.

Innocent smoothies store

I love those smoothies, so this store is a topic of interest for me. I think it is quite a cute store and the clothes are well made. I love the little mascots from Innocent that they put on the clothes. There are even more good points because it has very cheap items and many for non ss.

It is only available to see in the UK, but here is a view of the store(click to enlarge).

If you would like to get the items in your dressing room you can click here. I am also sorry about the link to the Rio JCP items, I have fixed it and you can now get them in your dressing room.

Do you like the drinks? and the store?

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New JCP Rio Chicas store/ pretty 'n love.

Another couple of items from this casual new brand. It contains lots of essentials for making a really good outfit and at bargain prices.  There are some pieces I did really like.

Thanks to USD for the images, the store is only visible to US residents.

However you can still get them by clicking here and having them all added to your dressing room. You can choose which you like and then take out the rest.

Do you like any? Can you see the store?

Monday, 19 September 2011

Hotbuys hooded Terrier

This dog is big on the cute factor and sadly the price. I think if you do buy him, he would end up being a pretty rare item and he really is adorable. It costs 26 stardollars and so far I haven't found what store he is from, so he may only be available when he is in the new section.

Do you like him/her? Will you be buying it?

New Young Hollywood out!

Young Hollywood have quickly released a new collection of clothes. Although at first I wasn't sure about the store, I do love the quality and style of the clothes.  Some are not too expensive with the GaGa wig at only 38 sds and one dress at 45.

Hurry if you want to get the best items, they will probably sell out the today.

Real versions

Do you like this store? What do you think of the clothes?