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Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Competition Winners


It's time to see our winners. There were over 100 voters in this poll, so it was a close call. But congratulations to these two winners with the most votes:

Coming first place, is Elearwing.
Second place winner, is Aoife1111

Congratulations, you guys both won 50sd (:
So reserve something, and I will buy it ASAP.
Keep alert for new competitions, events and campaigns on TSI (:


Happy Halloween

From everyone at TSI! We hope you have a lovely day even if you do not celebrate this holiday.

Introducing: 'Member of the Week'

Hey, it's Lee here. I have come up with a brand new segment on TSI. This is a fun and inspiring segment which is worth every week's excitement from the readers. Well this is called 'Member of the Week' (MOTW), and every week we I point out an inspiration reader, and they will have a post all about them. Getting on to the post. Our first 'Member of the Week', is Owlpal.

Her name is Courtney, and she is a fourteen year old girl living in Australia. I decided to make her the first MOTW, as I think she truly deserves it. Not only is she a good friend, she is an inspirational stardoll member, with a lot of passion and enthusiasm towards stardoll and individuality. On top of that, she has an amazing personality, and is a very love-able person. She is also a very talented stardoll designer, and is incredibly good at her medolls, suite, and presentation.

Sadly, Courtney has never won anything on stardoll, which is very hard to believe. Not covergirl, not scenery, album, etc. Not even national covergirl.

So here is the chance to change that. Courtney is running for National Covergirl on November 1, 2 and 3. So please, help her achieve her goal, as it would truly mean a lot to her and I. So please, visit her suite by 'clicking here' and press the little 'five stars button'. It will only take a little moment of your time, and the vote will go towards someone who truly deserves it.

Thanks (:

If you think you have what it takes to be the next TSI Member of the Week, click here and fill out the form. The next MOTW will be notified and posted right here next week. Good luck. (:

PS: The halloween competition winners will be revealed tomorrow. And happy halloween :D

Friday, 28 October 2011

30% Extra and Starcoins Offer

This message should be in your mail box. It means if you buys stardollar top ups you will get 30% extra free and starcoins as a bonus. It has been a while since an offer like this and as always you will find these offers after LE, to help anyone who spent more sds than they meant to. Ha Ha.

Will you get any? Do you like these offers?

Hotbuys Tank top

Hello, I am so sorry I didn't post the last two days. It has been manic, I was at a Duke of Edinburgh meeting on Wednesday, then I had to revise for tests in school and yesterday night I went to see the Nutcracker ballet which was in a theater 2 hours away.

The Hotbuys Tank top is now available from Fudge for the price of 16 stardollars. A good price for a Hotbuys top ( as always in comparison to the latest prices of Hbs). I love the shape and the graphic is perfect. I am going to get myself one. It fits nicely and looks almost like LE.

The top it is most likely to be inspired by is a Betsey Johnson top. There are many different kinds with faces on it and this is one with her winking face on it. The shape is inspired by one of summers biggest trends, tops with ties.

Do you like it ? Will you buy it?

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Hotbuys Tights

Not many days of October left and this is one of the final hotbuys for this Month. It is a pair of very on trend tights. I like the style and there are some really cute tights out in stores lately. You can find these on stardoll for 12 sd from Fallen Angel.

I have two pictures, as I didn't think the other showed the tights in the best way. They seem to fit well here, but my medoll has the small leg size: you may want to keep that in mind if you go to buy these.

The real version looks much like this pair by Miss Selfridge. Not much is changed, to me.

Have you bought any nice tights lately? Will you be getting this pair?

Monday, 24 October 2011

LE decor is out!

More LE has arrived on stardoll. This is the second season of decor and it seems to have a more humble feel. Some items are animated which gives them a nice effect, but the elevator is already sold out. (Even though it costs 200 sds!) There are plenty still left, although there may not be for long.

Sorry this is late, I had school and LE was released while I was there. The prices seem to vary greatly, but overall some are not bad.  

Do you like the items? What is your opinion on Decor?

Saturday, 22 October 2011

November Hotbuys revealed

These are the hotbuys we can be expecting next month. Not bad if I may say so. The colours work well with this seasons style of neutral and low tones. The shapes are nice and each item seems to have something to love about it. The boots look very realistic and I think stardoll used a direct picture to make them so well. My favourites are the peace leggings and feather purse.

Real versions


(with thanks to shell for leggings)
Betsey Johnson

Do you like next months hotbuys? Do you know any more real versions? Please leave the name of the designer in comments or a link to a picture. I would be happy to leave credit.


So, Halloween is coming up,scared much? Haha, I doubt it.
But it's going to be Halloween right? So why shouldn't I hold a small competition.To be in for the chance all you have to do is create a simple  Halloween outfit, I advise you to use the colours associated with Halloween  which are black and orange, and then post the TINYPIC, PHOTOBUCKET OR IMGUR link, I will NOT check on any blogs etc and I will check your outfit. They will ALL be posted in a small poll and the winner gets themselves on the sidebar of TSI for a whole two weeks!

Also for any of you who have had a little go at carving pumpkins,we'd love to see a picture and we will show them on a special post!

And thank you for all who entered Lee's Halloween competition!


Thursday, 20 October 2011

New Hotbuys city print dress

You can buy this dress from Rio now, for only 19 stardollars! In terms of hotbuys this is a good price for a dress. The dress is not the most 'pretty' Hotbuy but it is very unique and looks great on the medoll. I love the shape, colours and style of this dress.

It is inspired by a dress by Topshop Unique, which, though this picture doesn't show very well, has a transparent middle, just like the stardoll version. The are very similar, but stardoll have added more colour and shape to their version, a good idea.

Do you like it? Will you buy it?

Pet a porter updates

Remember the scary Halloween pets released not so long ago? While other PAP animals sold out like lightening these ones are still available in large numbers. I am not sure if it was planned all along, was meant to be a surprise or was an attempt to shift them, but it has been revealed these gruesome ghouls will turn into adorable friends after Halloween.

This advert can be seen on side bars on stardoll.

Will this encourage you to buy one? Did you already get one?

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New 100 sd offer

There is a new offer on stardoll, if you spend 100 stardollars in starplaza you will get the outfit shown below for free and 100 starcoins! I don't agree with purposefully spending 100sd for the outfit, but for anyone who normally spends that it is nice to get a little something free. In my own opinion the dress isn't too bad.

Do you like the outfit? Will it be helpful for you?

New Otherworld + Sales

Just a simple update post (:
There is 25% off MSW and Killah in starplaza.

I have a feeling this could be the last chance to get a hold of the MSW collection, so get it while it lasts.


Yep, some amazing outfits and interior in this collection.

Do you like this collection?

Halloween Competition Update

Thanks to everyone who had entered my halloween competition.
It is now closed.

There were a lot of amazing entries, but I had to break it all down to a top five. Now it's up to our lovely readers to decide who should win this competition.

Here are the entries:

I think you should have a halloween sleepover! Invite your besties and have fun! Do Halloween makeovers and make each other creepy, make scary movies/videos and play traditional Halloween games. Then get into your pjs and settle down for a horror movie to scare you all to bits! I hope you like my idea!

In an old castle, evoking ancient ghosts, creating Victorian atmosphere - old torn curtains, black beautiful table clothing, beautiful candlesticks and plates, spider webs everywhere, and dark corners. And of course - a big black Halloween cake, with a lot of sugar ghosts and black roses! :)

The best way to spend Halloween is going trick or treating with your mates and dressing up.Then having a halloween sleepover and telling ghost stories!

Make a small halloween party, where you do eachothers costume only with makeup BUT blindfolded or in dark! then go around trick or treating with your own-home made bags with cool halloween paterns. :3

To go with friends and hang out at Haunted places or Halloween attractions or help little ones get into the spirit of Halloween and keep them safe from strangers while Trick-or-Treating!

Now it's up to you to choose the best entry, but choose wisely.

The results will be announced this halloween, so you have a little time to vote (:
The top two people with the most votes will win 50sd (500sc worth of gifts if they are non superstar).

Stay tuned into this blog, as more competitions, spoilers, and freebies are yet to be posted.


Monday, 17 October 2011

Hotbuys Heart shaped Purse

The Hotbuys bag can be bought now from Evil Panda. Well I should really say the Hotbuys purses. They are identical , except they come in two different colours. Black and Pink. The bag itself is very stylish and a nice accessory, but I have to say I prefer the pink one. I like the black stars on it better, whereas the yellow stars ruin the black one for me. It costs only 12 stardollars!

The real version is by Vivienne Westwood and comes in a variety of colours and materials. The shape is the same, but stardoll added some stars. I wonder why?....

Do you having two hotbuys to choose from? Which one will you be buying?

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Birthdays on TSI!

Hey guys!Well, I'm aiming to make TSI  a fun, exciting places so I'm starting 'Birthdays on TSI'! We'll be asking for the dates of your birthdays every month. At the end of that month everyone gets wished a happy birthday! There will be prizes: 10sd for the winner and a gift for the runner up.
So if your birthday is in November please tell us below in the comments section!


Pink ribbon calendar

Don't forget to check the Pink Ribbon calendar everyday for another free item. They are only available for limited time. I am very glad all the items are free and it helps raise much awareness for cancer research.

Have you been checking daily? Have you ever taken part in any big charity events?

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Hotbuys web shirt

This hotbuy is available from Fallen Angel store and costs 15 stardollars. Not to pricey really and it is a really nice shape. It would look nice with a corset like top or even a black skirt.

I don't know the real version, if you do please leave the picture in comments and credit will be left. Thank you.

Do you like it?

MSW finals

Congratulations to everyone who got through and well done to the winners from everyone on TSI.

2. xFashion-loverx