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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New Chanel Holiday tribute store

There was a bit of a glitch with the Chanel store last night, were it appeared and then disappeared, but you can find it in starplaza now.The clothes are beautifully made and fit on the medoll really well. I love countless items and it is now one of my favourite tribute stores. Chanel tributes are always very popular, so I doubt it will become rare, but the items are appealing to all sorts of styles.

Real versions

Do you like the store? Did you buy anything?

Evil Panda plaits back

The originally rare and much lusted after Evil Panda plaits are back! Stardoll must have got many requests asking for them. They are the exact same, are in Evil Panda and cost only 60 starcoins! This makes them available to everyone. I feel bad for anyone who bought a plait at a high price.

Did you already have one? Will you get one or more?

Monday, 28 November 2011

Hot Buys Contest (Hot Buys Dress)

Hi guys, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. It has been a crazy week with all the family Thanksgiving dinners and the black friday shopping. I'm back now and I though I would start my next contest. As most of you know I took a poll to see which Hot Buys item you guys wanted to use for the next contest. The winner was the Hot Buys Dress (#3)
1. Dress you medoll in an outfit that includes this dress. Any entrants that do not use this dress will be disqualified. You may use your suite if you own the dress to put together a look or you can dress your medoll in the starplaza. 
2. Take a screenshot using the (PrtScn) button and post it on any photo website (Examples: Tinypic, Flickr, Photobucket, etc.)
3. Post the link to your entry and your stardoll username in a comment.
4. Have fun, be yourself and be creative.
5. Entries submitted after December 5th at 12PM EST with be disqualified.
6. If you have any questions about this contest, contact me on stardoll at the username Mattspack 

XXX Mattspack :)

50% extra offer

When you buy stardollars you will receive 50% extra free. This nifty offer is very handy for anyone who buys sds and works no-matter how many times you buy. It only lasts a limited time though.

Do you use these offers?

New Polished Hoildays

Happy holidays! It might be a bit early, but I love the excitement at this time of year as the build up begins to Christmas. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, it must be nice to get some time off school. Stardoll are in a very festive mood and have released many holiday themed items and the latest is nail polish. They have traditional holiday patterns and are very cute.

You may find the prices quite hefty at 16 sds too and so far there have been few non ss holiday items.

Do you like the patterns? Will you be buying?

Sunday, 27 November 2011

New D-signed items

I am sorry this post is so late, I didn't realize they were available for a while. There are only a few items and quite a few for non ss. I love the little black fur gilet. To add the clothes to your dressing room click here. The clothes are only visible in a store for some countries so I hope this is helpful.

Do you like the clothes? Is the link working?

New JCP Pretty N' Love items

This store is only available from some countries, so I am afraid I have no view of the store, but here are all the items you can expect to find. They are not to expensive and some are very cute./

Click here to add them to your dressing room and you can pick put any clothes you want and add them to your basket.

Did the link work for you? Do you like the clothes?

Friday, 25 November 2011

Hotbuys cheetah print hats

Two hotbuys! Stardoll are beginning to spoil us with two versions of Hotbuys and I can't complain, it means there is more chance of there being a print you like, than if there was only one. In this case I prefer the grey version, but there is a more traditional print for any fans of real animal print. They are available from Rio and cost only 9sds each. You may have to be careful what hair you wear with them as they can slope over the edges.

The real version is another inspiration from Topshop. It is identical to the real cheetah print hat. I am not a big fan of any thing with an animal print that is meant to look like real fur, however at least it wasn't real.

Which do you like more? Would you rather two or one choice of hotbuy?

Thursday, 24 November 2011

New Holiday Luxe

Luxe have released a new set of colours, related to the Christmas holidays. They are very beautiful and work well  together. ( good for someone like me, who never wears make-up and so has no clue what colours work). The prices are also surprising good for Luxe which can be very expensive.

Do you like the colours? Will you buy some?

New Doree Holiday colours

We have new Doree already! The last collection is still available and the MSW colours, but shades of blue, green, red and gold have hit the shelves. Some are really nice and it adds an extra selection to the colours already available.

Do you like them? What will you  get?

50% sale in starplaza

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hot Buys poll

Hey, I thought since everyone liked my Hot Buys contest that I would take a quick poll to see which hot buys item should be used for the next challenge. Voting ends November 25th.

 (Click to enlarge)

XXX Mattspack

3 for 2 Sea of stars

The Sea Of Stars store is now on offer with 3 items for 2. Just make sure you buy all the items at once for the offer to count. There are many nice items in the store.

Have you been following the story? Have you already bought the things you like?

Hotbuys suspender Tee

This top is available from now from the stardoll shop for 15 stardollars. Maybe a bit expensive just for a t-shirt, but not completely unreasonable for a hotbuy. It is a variation in style to many of the other Hbs on stardoll, although not to my taste; I am sure it will make a some people very happy.

The real version is by Dannijo and is a little bit different. The shape of the shirt is different and I think in this case I like the stardoll version better.

Which do you like better? Will you buy it?

Black Friday

This offer has returned! Some of you may remember it, some of you may not. This offer cropped up last year and was to symbolize the week when, many of us, begin to go crazy Christmas shopping. It only happens once as year and this time has a way for non superstars and superstars to get gifts.

You do not have to spend the money to get every gift, it is purely optional and if you spend  money in starplaza and happen to get one it will be a nice extra.
These are the gifts...

Do you like this offer? Have you begun to get ready for the holidays if you celebrate them?

Monday, 21 November 2011

New Magic Emporium

This new store, that you may have seen the items for in spoilers, has only just been released.  It has some amazing items, such as a flying carpet; that really moves, a crystal ball, a wizard cape and a wand. From what I can see the prices are not bad, the flying carpet is 18 sds, but it is animated and rather large.  It has a variety of items and many things remind me of magic from different films.

Such as these little creatures, they look like the coal workers from Spirited Away. 

scene from spirited away the movie

This is the view of the floors...

Do you like them? Do you recognise any of the items from certain films or shows?