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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Stardoll have lost the plot.

Hi guys, long time no see, and again, I am very sorry for not posting in a long time but today, I want to talk about Stardoll.
I'm not sure the period of time that I have been inactive for but what is Stardoll now? You can buy hair?
In my opinion, Stardoll have become brainwashed with the idea of getting us to spend all our stardollars so that we'll want to buy more.
These so called features are making Stardoll less fun.
But on the other hand, I am glad that they finally introduced the 'no hair' option after many requests and I agree with 'Beauty is only skin deep'.
I remember the good old times on Stardoll when it was quite obvious that they were less hungry for our spare change.I think that Stardoll need to stop in their tracks and make this the so called site that was for young children to have fun on, not for them to be rinsing out our pockets.
Stardoll isn't the same anymore and I believe that this is why many people are leaving. The old Stardoll was better.

What do you think?


  1. It is true. They are victimising people who won't but things by having a totally different currency for them. I totally agree with everything. I think this is a good point that needs to be heard

  2. I hadn't been on Stardoll for so long, I came back and its just shocking how much it's changed. So much spam, and the quality of the dolls and clothes aren't that good. I have now moved to roiworld.

  3. I agree. Stardoll back then was nice, great and didn't care about money but rather the fun and entertainment it wants to bring to those who discovered it. It's completely deformed into a money eating scam.

  4. Yes, I totally agree, the old, simpler stardoll was better. Although children can be demanding lol and I guess as well as money making, stardoll have to move with the times I suppose! It would be great if we were to discover it for the first time today, y'know?

  5. I partly agree about buying hair in starplaza but if you notice new similar games like oh my dollz, Roiworld & some fashion games on facebook, ask you to pay to change your hairstyle & makeup. It's only on stardoll & i-dressup where you can change your hairstyle for free no other fashion game does that at the moment. And I think the stardesign hair is a good idea too because we all have different hair types & colours & now it gives people more choices, most of the hair in beauty parlour was straight & now we can make curly hair. A lot of people asked for wigs & hair extensions when stardesign jewellery was introduced this is just in response to members demands though it could have been made cheaper.

  6. Now, in 2014 the greed is horrible. A dress, 16sd which is really only worth half that price? I honestly hate it. Every time Stardoll releases a new collection, averagely, only 1/8 of the clothes are star coins, and it's getting less as the prices are building up! And yet, the thing is, the clothes are mostly tacky! Argh it's horrible, and I really miss it when the vibe of Stardoll was enjoyable. Now do you see someone commenting in some ones guestbook 'wow! i love you medoll/clothes/suite!!' no! All you see is advertising and the odd 5-5 just because you want the 2 sc you get from it. Look at what Stardoll has turned these people! Also, the fact that barely anyone will see this comment saddens me mighty because remember when The Stardoll Insiders was one of the most active, most blogs around? Now look at it.
    I'll admit it right now, I still regularly go on Stardoll. I had a long break last year but obviously I came back, but I don't think it will be for long.
    -Bree or beerox098 in Stardoll terms.