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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hello (:

Hey there!
Happy 2012 to everyone..

I'm new here in Tsi, so I would like to start with some basic information about me and my tasks in this blog..

First of all, let me introduce myself to you.
I've created my me-doll a stardoll two years ago and until today I've worked very hard to make her like what you see. I don't spend so much real money for stardoll and that's because I think that we all have our style and we haven't to spend loads of money to be pretty. Everyone can show others their fashion -sometimes with simple but nice clothes- without paying so much to impress..
Anyway you can find me on stardoll -my username is .Duffy

-What's my work here in Tsi?
As I'm a busy person, I will probably post once or twice a week..
At my posts I will present you some cool outfits to put on your me-doll to make her look nice and cool in a simple way. These outfits will be either from Sarplaza or inspired from other me-dolls..
So I will show you the way to dress up your doll without paying so much stardollars -or starcoins as well- and  how to impress others in a cheap but creative way :)

That's all for now..
Keep an eye at my posts and I would also appreciate it, if you would write some comments for my posts..
Thank you all and Happy New Year!

* If you have any questions, you can always contact me on my stardoll .Duffy at my guestbook or via e-mail


  1. Are you english? you don't sound it...

    1. No, I'm not English. I'm Greek.
      Have you any problems??
      It seems that I don't understand you so good :/

  2. I know english perfect and I have time for blogging. Choose me as a writer.

    1. Go contact Zoey..
      She's the manager here..
      Try chatting with her at her guestbook :)