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Saturday, 28 January 2012

New Floor Alerts! Glow, PopShop, Doree, Pretty in Love JCPenny and GameZone

I have several new floor alerts for you guys today, I know most of them are late, but better late then never! First of all there are 3 new floors in the Glow furniture store. I like some of the items but they are not the greatest items, I wouldnt know what to do with some of them. Next there is a new floor in PopShop, the furniture is based off of Scandinavia. I like some of the items but once again I wouldnt know what to do with most of it. Next there is a new floor in Doree, the hair dye and highlights are based off of colors you would see on Valentines day, I love the colors. Next there is a new floor in Pretty in Love Exclusively at JCPenny. The clothes are super cute and are priced well. and Finally we have 3 new floors in GameZone. There are lots of cool gadgets and game themed items, I love this store. What do you guys think of all of the new floors/stores? Do you plan on buying any of the items?

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XXX Mattspack


  1. I don't know why all the writers decide to stop writing at the same time & they leave only one writer to do all the work. Previously it was evermore girl (who now seems to have dissappeared). I know people are busy but I don't think it's fair on Mattspack doing most of the posts.

  2. Mattspack- if possible can you make a link to the closet so i can see/buy any clothes from pretty n' love.
    thanks :)

  3. Anonymous-eveermoreg1girl didnt disapear. she quit. so did itsleroy

  4. Ok, thanks Purple-monkey.

  5. I thought there was a new writer? I used to love TSI but now it's become slow because everything's down to Mattspack! I'd love to help personally but I don't think I'd be much good, plus I've got exams on the way!