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Sunday, 15 April 2012

New blog owner!

I've noticed over the last couple years we have lost alot of viewers. I know some of it is because we moved blogs, If you have been following the blog from the beginning or if you have just started viewing the blog, this is the post for you. Comment below if you view the blog more than once a week.

I know we have lost alot of writers too, and I want to ask you guys, now that Zoey is leaving the blog, Do you think I would make a good owner? If so comment below and tell me why. I know Zoey might now even be giving up the blog, but I want to know what you guys would think about that if I could take over the blog.

Comment below with your ideas, suggestions and anything else you want to say. Thanks

XXX Mattspack :)


  1. i visit this blog everyday. i think you wil make an amazing owner becuase you are pretty active. also you made good comps in the past so i think you should keep that up.

    1. Thanks so much. I hope Zoey will give me the chance to run the blog :)

  2. I visit this blog almost everyday and have done for nearly 2 years now, I would love it if Mattspack could take this blog over and maybe restore tsi to what it used to be xxx

    1. Thanks. Im glad to see people like what I do. It means alot to me :))

  3. You are really active, so no point in saying so long as you are so keep that up. I have been viewing the blog for about 2 years and try every day. Good luck and hope Zoey lets you take over as it is best for the blog.

  4. This is what I think the blog needs:
    -Owner, who writes in the blog EVERY DAY
    -at least 4 other writers
    -at least 1 competition per week
    -many art and fashion projects
    -many interviews with many nice dolls on stardoll(they don't need to be the richest or the most popular)

    And I want to say another thing - the blog doesn't need to be stricktly for news on stardoll. That would be a mistake, because, frankly - there aren't many news or new things on stardoll. But, there are ways to connect the outside world of fame, fashion, events, movie premiers with stardoll: via contests, dress ups, etc.

    The best way for the writesr to work is the following:
    -One or two writers, PLUS THE OWNER, who post everyday, one of them should post about free things. The other two or more writers should post three times a week about different things.

    I check the blog every day, along with two other blogs. I'd be glad to be a writer (I'd have my own column, probably for creative tasks/dress up tutorials, I'd be posting stricktly three times a week).

    Another thing, and this is only a suggestion: you may pay your writers some small ammount of stardollars per week - let's say ten. You can also hire freelance writers for one column per 2 months or someting. That would be a better motivation.
    I, of course, wouldn't take any money if I'm a writer, because, frakly, I am not 14 and I don't really need to buy everything on stardoll. :)

    I wish you good luck with reviving the blog.
    Elearwing (stardoll name)

  5. You need to get back onto Hardly anyone can find you here, tsi-training isnt an ideal blog name, it doesnt include anything to do with stardoll.
    I have seen Clara is comming back onto tsistardoll, I am not even sure if you are aware of this, because it seems like the two blogs are compleatly seperate.
    I think you should hire a few more writers, and start a big project, where loads of people can get involved, with a small prize, but mainly known for the fun of it.