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Sunday, 1 April 2012

TSI - Turn into a twitter blog? Yay/Nay?

Hey guys, I'm very sorry that I cannot post anymore. I'm not going to waste your time, feeding you with all sorts of excuses but..

I don't really go on Stardoll as many of you already know and I was thinking, why not turn TSI into a twitter blog? I go on twitter a lot and I would easily be able to post loads of things on there as I can access twitter on-the-go with my Blackberry. 

This would be much easier, I would easily be able to hold contests of all sorts and other things. 
What do you think?
Leave your comments below!

-Zoey xo


  1. What is the point as most typical Stardoll players are 10 yr olds who don't have twitter. I am not aloud it, so what about people that aren't aloud it or can't use it?

  2. i have twitter. i dont mind if you keep it on here or move it. but i agree with Lovap. alot of people may not have it. and i think it might be easier to make comps here since you dont have a 140 word limit

    1. Thank you, so it isn't just me that thinks that ;)

  3. Nay, sorry :/
    I'm not a fan of twitter as I find it quite pointless and a waste of time. But it is your choice (:

  4. I think it's a great idea and I'd definitely read more posts that way!
    If some people don't like the idea then why not do both?!?

  5. Nay, sorry, I don't have twitter but it's up to you =][=

  6. If your not going to be active, you should just give the blog to someone who still uses Stardoll a lot. This way it can benefit everyone twitter users and not

  7. Well the twitter idea sounds really good but its only good if you active !

  8. I like the idea :)
    -Bree/beerox098 ♥x

  9. I would love to run the blog if thats ok?

  10. I think its a bad idea. You have the perfect blog up and running right now, all you need is to hire some more active writers, and maybe get some Advertising out there.

  11. I know that you are referring to Blog or Twitter, but why not on FaceBook... Mostly every person has a facebook and more people go there... It's okay, that was just my opinion... It's up to you. You decide.