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Monday, 29 August 2011

Miss Stardoll World

 I see many people 'running' for MSW, commenting in people's guestbooks 'this is my dream' etc. I'm just thinking to myself.. Really? It's your dream to become an idolized Stardollian who receives multiple friend requests, guestbook comments, album comments, scenery comments every single day? Don't get me wrong, it may be some people's dreams but I'm just sharing my opinion. I wouldn't like to become MSW because of the reasons that I stated above. Unless you open another account you won't be able to be a normal Stardollian ever again. It's like a celebrity, they can't do anything without it being in the media, they can't really become a normal person ever again. BUT I know some people want this, that's all some people actually really want, to be popular, famous, an 'elite'.

I'm not going to discourage people from running. So if you have a blog and you'd love to win, you can easily promote yourself by clicking on this link: and creating a banner that you can post on a blog, twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc.

You can create banners like these:




By clicking on the images it will go straight to your suite.If you comment in the comments with your username I will try my best to vote you MSW.


  1. I made a banner for fun. It was a nice feature, but I don't know where I would post it.

  2. I made a banner too, but the images were old because I haven't updated my album lately, oh and my user name is emand96.

  3. I made a banne :) But have nowhere to post it :(( Anyway, I am not running for CG or MSW , but I am always happy to help or be helped ♥

  4. I made a banner but it didnt work :( my user name is tabbynac2

  5. vote for me my username is missdivagreen

  6. please vote for me - 101cambo101

  7. Please vote me - mwnci1