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Friday, 12 August 2011

Welcome back!

Hello and welcome back, readers.
I know for some of you it's been a long wait and you may question yourself, why did TSI go under construction? Well I'll tell you why, 'cause honey, it needed therapy. 
Some of you have just decided to start reading it. Well, I'm going way back, into the past.

On August 21st 2008, a wonderful blog was created.
By whom you may ask? Two people. One named Aimee, and the other Val. Together they created a powerful blog, The Stardoll Insiders; 
This blog was very successful, in around 2009 it was the most talked about blog on Stardoll. Everyone read it, people who were new to Stardoll, the average people & 'elites'. 
In August 2010, the blog moved to 'Blogger' as this would enable it to have followers so the staff could know around how many people enjoyed their posts. Soon after that I joined the blog, doing 'who wore it best?' competitions on trial; here is my first post: By this time I had very little experience of blogging, I had too opened my own blog on Wordpress but I was barely experienced. But I guess along the way people got uninterested, new blogs were opened, they got popular. This was how The Stardoll Insiders began to drastically loose readers. The writers started to post less and less so I was asked by Val to make a writers competition, where I trained 13 writers to be the best, and ended up with three: CorkyH, Evermore1girl & Frozta. For them to be added to the blog Val needed to take their e-mails from me and make them authors, but I visited her suite and noticed that she had not logged on for one week. So we continued on the training blog, this same one that I am writing on today. One week became two, two became three, three became four and then I stopped checking. Until one day I checked back and her account was gone, it was deleted. But, I can understand, I can relate to Val, she wasn't as young as most of us, she didn't have the time anymore to be logging on and checking Stardoll and her blog. She had left. This left me in a difficult position of course, what was I to do? All the other TSI writers had vanished, and I had just recently landed myself three brand new writers. So I stood by TSI, and took leadership. Lately, I have been thinking that the standards have dropped, which is why I decided that it needed to go under construction. I felt like we didn't have a connection with our readers, we needed one. Along the way, I got back a writer from TSI, who was there before me and I am so proud to have her back again, it gives the blog that old touch. 

(I hope you read that, every single word.)

UPDATE: Val's Stardoll account has been activated, but she hasn't logged on for one month

Here's a little inside gossip;
TSI will officially be having a party to celebrate THREE YEARS! Three fantastic years, I may not have been there for all of them, but I am here now.

And without further ado, I present THE STARDOLL INSIDERS' WRITERS!


  1. Thank you so much again Zoey for this chance I love the banners. I can't wait to see this blog get back on it's feet, it has had a long past, it would be a shame to see it vanish.

  2. Great, can't wait for the blog to be back!

  3. YAY!
    I read every single words and I'm touched :')
    So sad but I can't wait for things to start :)

  4. I'm so excited to be writing on TSI again after so long :D

  5. Wow, that's great! I'm so excitied! I'm sure TSI will kick off to a great start! :)

  6. I've also re-started my own blog now I've finished at the Training blog and my school life has settled down.
    It good to see the TSI starting again, it's such a good blog and hopefully will carry on :)

  7. I am so glad Sarah is back, how did she manage to get her account back, I thoought she sold it to Lauren who then sold it again?

  8. And why did you change the banner Creina10 made?

  9. I like the new banner, it's nice (:

  10. Yay, tsi is up and running again! Can't wait :)

  11. Aaawesome:) I miss you guys:)

  12. wow i read everthing it was touching i cant wait!!!!!! TSI is awesome!

  13. I'm so happy TSI is back, I've been reading it from the very first wordpress post (: