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Monday, 29 August 2011

New Mortal Kiss Store

I don't normally post about new stores, but I wanted to warn you about a few glitches stardoll have right now. It will probably be fixed soon, but due to MSW the staff are very busy.

New items for  Mortal Kiss store have been released. As of yet there is no store button, but it should arrive soon.

Updated thanks to Alice:

Some of the items are animated and for that reason cost more

  • The dresses highlighted in the pink box are all the same, but the dearer dress sparkles. 
  • The trousers in the yellow box come at 13 and 14 sds, the more expensive pair sparkle at times. 
  • The top in the orange/red box comes at 17 sds and 26 sds, at 26sds it has an odd changing shadow effect.
  • The gloves in the purple box come at a reasonable 70 starcoins and a higher 14 stardollars, the 14 sds one have black sparkles around the hands.
  •   Finally the belt in the green box is free unless you buy the 7 stardollars one which glows.
I hope this helped you.

Did you buy anything? Do you like the clothes?