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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

New stardesign Jewellery

This new feature is completely ingenious. It is really nice and allows you to make jewellery to match any outfit. It has better choices and graphics than the other design studios too. I hope they improve the others, but so far I am in love with this new feature. It has many choices and is not to expensive. (click on all images to enlarge)

Here are the steps to make it:
Number 1- Choose what item you want. They are many pages of choices, i.e. glasses, earrings, headbands, necklaces.

Number 2- Choose your colour and material. You cannot add patterns, but I think they wouldn't show up well on tiny jewellery anyway. 
Number 3- Add any 5 items for 1 sd! That is a tiny price and there are so many cute items that you can move, twist, change colour and size.
Number 4- Now your jewellery is ready, it will be saved in your jewellery design studio and you can buy it. This is my finished result.
Do you like it? Do you think non ss should have it too? Do the necklaces go under your hair?


  1. i bought to glasses. I think its a great idea!
    im not sure about the necklace but i hope it does.

  2. I think this is the best feature to come to stardoll yet. I wanna see a hair salon where you can cut and style your own hairstyles. That would be awesome

  3. Woahh, I love the one you made~~ It looks AMAZING ♥

  4. thats really cool its a shame its only for non-ss!

  5. 5purpleprincess- you mean its not for non-ss