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Friday, 25 November 2011

Hotbuys cheetah print hats

Two hotbuys! Stardoll are beginning to spoil us with two versions of Hotbuys and I can't complain, it means there is more chance of there being a print you like, than if there was only one. In this case I prefer the grey version, but there is a more traditional print for any fans of real animal print. They are available from Rio and cost only 9sds each. You may have to be careful what hair you wear with them as they can slope over the edges.

The real version is another inspiration from Topshop. It is identical to the real cheetah print hat. I am not a big fan of any thing with an animal print that is meant to look like real fur, however at least it wasn't real.

Which do you like more? Would you rather two or one choice of hotbuy?


  1. i love that stardoll gave us more choice and they are only 9sd!! I bought the grey with the purple. i loved them both but that one stands out.

  2. Such a hard decision, I love both versions! I bought the one in tan, but I think I'm gonna buy the gray one too. The shape is lovely.

  3. I think theyre a great deal, and I love them both! I got the brownish, more traditional one though, because it pairs great with the leopard print poncho type hotbuy released earlier this month.

  4. wheres the hidden stuff? I followed this blog like 2 years back and one time I tried to come back but it wouldnt let me cause it said I needed to be a follower. Now I found it, but wheres the other posts about free stuf and hidden shops?


  5. I am sorry blogger glitched and caused the images to go funny.
    I am not meant to post about free things, the girl who did was very ill, but she is back now and hopefully we will see more free things soon :)

  6. I just bought the gray one too, now I have both and I'm very happy :) The gray goes well with the pink hot buys cheetah print stole released a couple of months ago.