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Monday, 7 November 2011

2NE1 new doll

Stardoll made a doll called 2NE1 and as I am a little bit, just a little bit addicted to Korean culture at the minute I thought I would tell you a bit about them. The stardoll graphic is quite cute for the two behind, Park Bom and C.L. However I don't think the graphics of the two in front, Sandara and Minzy, are just as good. They are a really cute and fun girl band, from South Korea.
2NE1 stands for New Evolution of the 21st Century and they are normally called a pop/ hip hop group and after listening to their songs I have found them very catchy. They sing in both English and Korean.

Their first song 'Lollipop' was released in March 2009 in collaboration with their brother band Big Bang and LG phones, it topped the charts. They have released 2 extended plays and one studio album, with their mini album Ugly out this year. They have a large fan base who call themselves Blackjacks, in reference to how the game can be called 21.  They won their first MNET Asian Music Award last year for the Artist of the Year, Best Female Group, Best Music video and Album of the Year.

Just to give you a taste of their music, here is one of their videos...


  1. ha ha ha i love the cartoons!!!!

  2. aww there clothes are so cute and quirky!

  3. I love the hairstyles they wear. I've seen a couple of their music videos and live performances. They're alright, although sometimes I feel like they try too hard with their "badass" style.

  4. Sandara doesnt look like Sandara