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Saturday, 15 October 2011

The beginning of the end of Stardoll.

Hey guys, thought I'd make a little post.
We're at the beginning of the end of Stardoll.
What does that mean? Well, let's go back, to around 2009-2010 where I believe it was all kicking off. We had many elites, people opening up new projects every second. Famewhores, brats. Well, where are they today? Enjoying their life off of the internet that's where. Many deleted accounts, many accounts that haven't logged in, in months. They've enjoyed their time on Stardoll and have left when they believed it was their time to go. Many have said they were leaving and have came back quite a few times like Lolita (Miss_LolitaF) which many of you know, but it seems she has left for good. 
Most of you are probably wondering now, why am I here? I wonder that too, what am I doing here? Nearly everyone has left, posts on blogs claiming that people are leaving. This is what drove me to my absence. I wanted a 'break' from Stardoll, but then I actually felt like leaving. I wouldn't delete my account or anything, log in a few times but to me I had left. 
Truthfully, I didn't miss Stardoll. Back in 2010 I was addicted, yes addicted to Stardoll. All the new projects, all the chances I had. Funnily, after many left I found Stardoll boring, no constant drama. 

But afterwards, I came back and realised, it's not the elites that made Stardoll fun for me, it was friends, the people, the blogs, the dolls, the suites. So yes, we are at the  beginning of the end of Stardoll. People gone, people gone forever. But this doesn't mean that you, yes, you, have to go too. Stay here, let the people who want to leave, leave. Stay on Stardoll, don't delete your account. Stardoll wants you, we want you.

I will not be as active as I was on Stardoll due to school work etc but I will make more of an effort to be posting more.



  1. I never thought Stardoll was cool, I never needed anything more than space I can use for decorating rooms. I don't think Stardoll is about socializing, I am there for myself only. It is always nice to chat with other people or look at their suites, but I don't need Stardoll to have projects, or to be active in clubs.
    Maybe it is because I am independent and selfish person, or maybe because I used to be so bossy when I was a kid that I always ended up playing alone with my dolls.
    To me, dolls are only to myself, I like to play alone. For everything else, I have friends, I have the university, I have facebook.
    I'd love to write in the blog, if no one else would, but English is not my native language and I'm not that into fashion. I'd have my own column about gothic stuff, or making look-alike's, or probably throwing some sarcastic and even sardonic light on the injustice in Stardoll... Or just some tips for albums, pics and sceneries.
    If you need someone like that, I'm here. But I doubt that a blog would need the "evil scientist" character :D
    Anyway, don't give up on this blog, it's awesome.

  2. I will never leave stardoll. I am addicted to see what will come next, whos online, guestbook comments etc. at the beginning like 4 years ago i made an account with my best friend and we never went on cause we thought it was so boring. well it is when you are new. so i missed it and made a new one. (cause i forgot the pass and user lol) i got a superstar membership and i was getting more friends. then last year i won NCG!!! thats when i thought im never gonna leave. if i can win ncg then maybe i can do something else. cause i never thought i would win.
    I think the best reason i love stardoll is i made LOTS of friends from all over the world.

  3. ditto on the two coments above. I love stardoll.
    but it might be my time to go.
    I have been on it for almost a year, and i love it very very much,
    but it is distracting me from my school and social life.
    So I will go on a few times, but not many. BTW my username is queendiaries.