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Friday, 23 September 2011

Eco friendly fashion design

Stardoll have finally given us another shot at designing, after a disastrous attempt a few years ago. I am extremely excited about the theme, as I am a big worry guts when it comes to global warming, animal products etc. I know that one person can't fix all that, but they do set an example that hopefully others will follow. With stardoll doing this millions of people will get to learn more about eco fashions.

Here is what the brief is..

 examples of eco fashion

I know it is vague, but that is only so it doesn't limit the creativity, be original, think how you could reuse things, maybe taking vintage clothes and making them more modern, using fair trade products, using more environmentally friendly products or just making a dress from something lying around the house ( knives is not a good idea).

Good luck budding designers, if you have anymore questions I will tell you what I know in comments.


  1. I almost screamed when I was this as I was doing research about recycling products just a few minutes before, in my textile lesson

  2. Is this competiton only for superstars?