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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New JCP Rio Chicas store/ pretty 'n love.

Another couple of items from this casual new brand. It contains lots of essentials for making a really good outfit and at bargain prices.  There are some pieces I did really like.

Thanks to USD for the images, the store is only visible to US residents.

However you can still get them by clicking here and having them all added to your dressing room. You can choose which you like and then take out the rest.

Do you like any? Can you see the store?


  1. this is so mean on you robyn u did 14 post's in a row while every1 else cud'nt be bothered to help or enything! its really mean on you

  2. when you said click here the here didint link.

  3. oh and megs xx clearly all the other writers dont care about this blog as much as before so if robyn didnt post anything this blog would not be worth it anymore. so dont hate her cause she is doing the best thing to help this blog.
    keep up the great job robyn!!!!!!!

  4. I think megs simply feels sorry for Robyn... So do I, it's not fair to her :( And thanks for the post, I see a lot of items I like in this shop!

  5. I can't see the store! There aren't link to click on!

  6. thanx! but to be fair corkyH is after haveing an operation but still its still no excuse for the others! id luved this blog wen all the free tings and ubdates! but since only 1 person is posting its getting boring! :( xx

  7. Oh sorry I will try and fix that.

    Thank you everyone, I understand Courtneys reasons she needs rest. I will have to try and get even more posting done it is alot of work.

  8. there is no reason for u to post about everyting just ur own stuff! its every1 else's fault not urs! xx