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Monday, 26 September 2011

Hungry for our money?

Hey guys, I was just thinking and I remembered what Stardoll has done to me a couple of times.
Well when I buy my Superstar I use Paypal and I only buy 1 month at a time. So one day as usual I bought it and after 31 days I was still superstar and I had received 200 stardollars. I found this strange but decided against investigating.

Little did I know that Stardoll had automatically turned on Monthly refill without my acknowledgement which meant that they had taken money out of my Paypal account and not even told me. I was very angry about this but being me I decided not to send them  a letter or phone them up.

The month after this my superstar had ended and so again I decided to purchase superstar. When I did I purposefully went to check if Monthly refill was on, maybe Stardoll had made a mistake? No, it was my mistake thinking that they had made a mistake. Monthly refill was turned on so I had to cancel it.

Is this a little scheme Stardoll has put together to fool us and take our money without us even knowing? Especially as I had purchased 1 MONTH and not several so it should not have happened.

I am quite dissapointed.
Shame on you Stardoll.

What do you think?



  1. Stardoll is a bit of a rip-off... The site is obviously profit oriented. I remember going on websites such as Battleon and Neopets (yes, when I was younger :P) and although you could pay real cash to enrich your experience, the sites still had a LOT of features open to non-cash players. Stardoll isn't the same. Non-cash players have SUCH limited features available to them and on almost every page of the site there's a message yelling "SUPERSTARS HAVE MORE FUN! UPGRADE NOW!". With over 100 million members, I wonder why Stardoll keeps on chasing after our wallet.

  2. I went through my old Stardoll receipts in my email inbox and realized that I've spent $84.6 on Stardoll to date. Sigh, $85 well spent.

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  4. OH MY DAYS! What a coincident, the exact same thing happened to my younger sister only two days ago! My older sister who used her Paypal to purchase Stardollars for our lil' sis was mad and contacted Stardoll straight away. She's taken time out of her busy schedule to give all the details of the purchase and explain the circumstances as clearly as possible but Stardoll are so greedy they're making every excuse not to refund her. It's pathetic really, they have so much money - a measly £5 refund wouldn't break their bank balance as it would my sister because SHE HAS NO MONEY in her Paypal. What's more, for every day that she's in overdraft she's fined £20. So Stardoll need to stop stealing from people, because it's not "economical".