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Friday, 16 September 2011

Msw finalists out.

The finalists for the next round are up. There are quite a few, but only a couple of countries. Do not be disheartened however, stardoll are running the chance to be a continental queen and you will be put through to the next round. I wish everyone the best of luck and congratulations, it was a tough few weeks.

I am excited to see who makes it to the Grand finals. There were a few shock contestants, such as Avril Lavingue and Perilice2. You can now only vote for members in countries that haven't got through, so make sure you vote, you could make someones dream come true.

I also wanted to thank stardoll for giving me the chance to go through and to everyone who voted for me. Without you I would be no where.

I even noticed that our fellow writer Coolgirl185 got through, congratulations to her and many other friends and deserving contestants.

Are you happy with some of the finalists? Are you ready to vote?


  1. OOOH congratulations on going through to the next round evermore1girl and Coolgirl185!!!
    Good luck to the others who made it to the next round!!!

  2. Congratz! You two have amazing suites and totally deserved it :) It's also exciting to see Avril Levigne being part of it, I'm not too sure about Perilice2 though. Don't get me wrong, she is fantastic and all, but we need to have someone else this time.

  3. I don't mind perilice being through but if she won again I think alot of people would be very upset. Thank you so much you two.