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Saturday, 3 September 2011

The stardoll books released

A while back, stardoll offered users the chance to sign up and be included in their upcoming books. Now these books are officially out and available to buy online. There are 5 titles out so far and include style tips, a guide to stardoll and a busy book.
I wonder who was chosen to be in the books and how many will sell....

(click to enlarge)

Will you get one? Would you if you could?


  1. How do you join the club? Is it available to everyone?

  2. I'll probably be putting the books on hold at the library if they have them.

  3. Cool!
    @Vanessa [My name is Vanessa too xD]
    Do you think Stardoll will have the books in Australia?

  4. hi guys at tsi! i remember when my account got hacked you were really helpful so i just thought why dont u start a thing in ur blog for helping ppl get reported. i just thought that because zemasterm681, a girl on stardoll, just asked me on chat if i wanted a makeover, and i said no, so she insited and insisted, swearing with her life (im not joking) that she wouldnt hack me, i still said no. after 5 minutes she came back and started insulting me , quite badly, i dont want to say what she said, but it waws nasty and she went on and on. now ppl like these shouldnt be on stardoll, they only seem to hurt ppl and not let them hav fun. if u agree, plz do something, like ask ppl if theive been hacked and who by, keep a record of hackers on ur blog like a wall of shame or somthing, to warn ppl!!! i mean, if u get someone wanting to be ur friend, u dont know them it would be cool if u could hav the names of these nasty ppl on a record!!
    i know it might be a lot to ask, this is why i can add that if you wish i can do this for you, i dont have that much time to spend on stardoll to be able to write for a blog like you guys/gals, but to do this i do have the time because i know it would be impossible to get hackers off of stardoll but at least warn ppl and help others!! do you get me? i would be so gratful if u did this, not just for me but for the sake of all of us, happy stardollians :)

  5. I'm not sure if that would be possible, but I could contact Zoey for you and ask her if you would like?

  6. Thanks glam girl and I am sorry I wasn't home to read the comments until now miss_mimy16.

  7. i wish the club was available in canada. are the books going to be sold in book stores or are they only to buy online? If i see them at book stores i will buy them for sure :)

  8. glam-girl: yes please :)
    evermore1girl: im not miss_mimy16, my username is that cause we hav a blog together but im missSugar2250
    thnx very mux for looking into this 4 me :-)