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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Free Orange hair dye

 If you are from or in the UK/USA you can click here to get the dye.

If not you can follow these steps to get it.

-Go to a UK proxy like one of these, 

-Type into the proxy server url box,

-Press go/enter/surf it really will depend on what server you use for this ,

-Once it has loaded you can log into stardoll ,

-Then type or paste this into the proxy bar
-Then you can log off stardoll and go on as normal,

-It should be waiting in your main suite room .

Were you able to get it? Did you like it?

Warning: Proxy servers must be used with caution they can bring pop up adverts ( try to close them immediately) and it must be your own choice to use them , this proxy brings up a warning, it is just saying what I normally say, that they can be risky.

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