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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

DVF Holiday Tribute/Glitch

UPDATE: This glitch has now been fixed and I have been refunded my money. Did everyone who had trouble with this glitch get their money back?

Hey guys, The DVF Holiday Tribute store is now in the Starplaza. There are some really cute things but not as many as past Tribute stores on Stardoll. I wish Stardoll would realize they are giving us horrible quality clothing. Some things don't fit, some are really cheap looking and some are way overpriced. Not only in the DVF store but also many other stores. What do you guys think of the store?

                     (Click to Enlarge)

NOTE: DONT BUY the "Burnt Sienna Tassle Clutch" that says it is free unless you want Stardoll to charge you 8 Stardollars for it. I saw it was 0 Stardollars in the store and decided to buy it, I ended up noticing that Stardoll had deducted 8 stardollars from my purse without telling me. Did anyone else have trouble with this? I hope they get the glitch fixed soon before a lot of people buy it and they lose money over it.

Now that Robyn (evermore1girl) has left the blog I am now not only gonna be running competitions on the blog but i'm also gonna be posting about new updates that come to Stardoll. Such as new games, new features and new stores, etc.

XXX Mattspack :)


  1. it says that it is 8sd now.
    im glad that you are taking over for robyn!

  2. Robyn will be dearly missed, but now that she is gone someone has to take over her category. Im glad it got fixed. I was also refunded my money back :)

  3. I don't find many items in the store attractive to be honest :( The Dior tribute store was also disappointing. What's happening with stardoll?

  4. Plz,sell me an oversised bow! It's my favourite and i have been trying for months tou find it! :'( Help me! my name on stardoll is eelismile! If you sell me the bow or something else,plz let me know! Thank you :)