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Saturday, 24 December 2011

New Other World floor and Sale on Penthouse & Beach Villa

The new floor to the Other World store has been added. I really love the clothes, The prices aren't horrible either. What do you guys think of them?

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There is a sale on the Penthouse which is now 149 stardollars and a sale on the Beach Villa which is only 199 stardollars. If you have been saving up for them nows the time to get them while they are cheaper. I would really like to buy them but with all of the new stores out and coming out I'm gonna have to hold off. Are you guys going to buy them now that they are on sale? Have you already bought them? Is it worth it?

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Merry Christmas, XXX Mattspack :)


  1. I bought the beach villa. when it first came out i wanted it but didnt have the money. now that it has a specail price and i have the money i bought it.
    I already bought the penthouse when it came out.

  2. Purple-Monkey: AWESOME! i really want them but they'll have to wait!