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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

I wanted to tell everyone to have a Merry Christmas! I will most likely be posting tomorrow with all the new things that come to Stardoll although it may be later in the day. But if I don't post tomorrow I wanted to make sure to tell you all just incase. So have a very Merry Christmas. Spend lots of time with family, open presents and enjoy your time off work and school. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Be sure to comment and tell us all about your Christmas'. I would really enjoy reading them.

XXX Mattspack! :)


  1. so far my christmas is great. today is my birthday and i got my first laptop. later on im going to my grandmas house for supper. tomorrow we open the gifts from under the tree then we go to the movies :)

  2. Purple-Monkey: That is so cool. I got my first laptop for christmas when I was younger. It is to date the best gift I have gotten for chrismtas. I love going to my granparents for Christmas. They are so fun to be around. Be sure to tell me what kind of gifts you got. I'd love to hear. What movie are you going to?

  3. Mattspack- I love my laptop! my aunt gave me a cake pop maker. its a ball of cake that u put on a stick. :) you can get them at starbucks i think. I got a few of awesome sweaters and PJs. LOL!
    I went to go see Arther Christmas.