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Monday, 12 December 2011


I have written here for quite sometime now. I have loved every minute of it and you have all been so great, commenting and continuing to read my posts even on the days I made no sense as I was just that tired. I am afraid the time has come for me to leave stardoll. I will be on a few more days but it feels like the time is right for me to go.

I will still use skype when I can, but at least for a while I want a break from computers I am not big on technology for some reason. I will not be coming back to stardoll, at least not for many years. 

Thank you again to Zoey, Lee, Courtney and mattspack. Thank you, you were the best team members I could have asked for. You were friends not just fellow writers.


  1. OMG your leaving!!!!!!!! I am going to miss you so much!! you were a great writer.
    this blog will not be the same without you.
    Best wishes!

  2. aww, what a shame.
    i loved working with you too, for the little time i worked here (im ariane if you still remember me)

  3. What will happen to your account? Well forget about that. You are the most devoted member of TSI. I feel that you should own it not Zoe personally, but you will be missed greatly. No offense to everyone else, but they have been slacking off.

  4. well conisdering your the only one who ever wrote anything, this blog is going to be crap.
    already was.

  5. OMG, I'm going to miss you heaps!!
    I wish you best luck and love in the future ♥