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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Hot buys Calendar days 2 and 3

I missed posting on yesterdays Hotbuy, so I have added it in here. The first item is the Hot Hot buys Lantern, it is really stylish and reminds me of LE furniture but it is only 8 stardollars. The Hot Hot buy for the 3rd of December is a quirky air of shoes. The heel is curved creating an unusual but quite likable style. They cost only 6 stardollars and to be taken to the calendar click here.

The real version of the Shoes are by Miu Miu. The shape of shoe comes in a few styles, with bows, glitter, patent and different colours, but these are the pairs that look most like it.

Do you like the hotbuys? Will you be buying them?


  1. I bought the lantern as soon as I saw it, but the shoes -- Stardoll turned them pink again. Was that really necessary? X___X

  2. I agree I would have liked them in the yellow colour better

  3. Maybe they peach too.. It would slim the shoes. They look so big in the silver and black. Besides, stardoll has so many silver and black shoes already they blend in with all of them.