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Monday, 19 December 2011

The perfect gift...

Hey guys, ever heard of the perfect gift? Well I don't think there is one. As we all know, Christmas is around the corner and everyone's busy, fussing over food and gifts and everything else. To a lot of people, they don't need a gift for Christmas because to a special somebody that gift is you! These days, small children don't understand what Christmas is about because all they know is hanging up decorations, getting gifts and having meals, has the true meaning of Christmas been lost? I don't think so, many people understand but take it for granted. Be thankful for everyone around you, everything you have because that alone is a gift.

Giving someone a gift is still nice, showing them you care, but there isn't need to splash out! Just that little something will make them happy! So what are you getting everyone for Christmas or are you the gift yourself?
Talking about gifts, my cousin has opened a online gift shop, selling things that she handmade herself! Would you like to check them out?
Hello Kitty Ring
 Black Bow Ring

You can visit her shop, she sells handmade things that I see her create myself!

She gave me my own Hello Kitty ring! It's beautiful and huge, it covers three fingers!

So what are you getting that special person?


1 comment:

  1. I agree. kids these days forget what christmas is all about. they just think its a time to get presents that they wont get at any other time.
    im getting my sister a toy that is pretty cool :) ha ha i might even play with it. ooh i hope its still at the store!!!!