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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hotbuys Calendar

I will not be staying on stardoll for much longer as I really have so much to do and stardoll just isn't the same for me anymore, I know that doesn't excuse me for the lack of posts, but I am trying to come on when I can.

There are three Hotbuys that haven't been posted about yet. There is the Cat hat at 6 stardollars and from Evil Panda.  The fish bowl and the dog interior decoration, that you can find in starplaza by searching or by visiting the Hotbuys calendar here. The fish bowl and the dog item cost 8 stardollars. The prices are still very good and low. My favourite of the three items is the Cat hat. It is cute and fun, it is in pink again though which I know alot of you would rather have in different colour.

The cat hat is inspired by one by Maison Michel and comes in a few colours but stardoll changed it to add more detail. I like what stardoll did with it, more than the original. 

The fish bowl is inspired by one by Gaia and Gino and looks pretty much the same.

Do you like them and did you buy any? Do you know what the dog cage is inspired by?

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