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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hotbuys Skirt

The first December Hotbuy is here. It is a black and white skirt, that is only 6 stardollars! You can find it at the Hotbuys Calendar now, which is on the cover page of Stardoll or it is also available in Bonjour Bisou. I love the shape and style, the price is amazing value and so this has to be one of my favourite HBs this year.

The real version is By David Koma and is the same style, but longer.  It was one of Elles top buys and editors pick and costs a shocking 1,390 pounds.

Do you like? Were you able to find the calendar?


  1. oh my god! thats so much, i love that skirt, it's so beautiful and its at such a reasonable price too. I need some help from you, please? my account x-BarbieDoll-x, well, i changed the password and later on I tried logging in, wouldnt work! i need help, the email ID isnt working either :'(

  2. And I was wondering what happened to the hotbuys spoiler! I love the skirt, though I was wondering at first whether there was a glitch because it said "Hot hot buys skirt"... "Hot" repeated twice sounds a bit odd.

  3. Love the skirt it's so cute! I bought it and it goes with almost everything!